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More Details about APS

This is where you ask your general questions about The Way of Kings'™ Custom Designed Asset Protection Systems
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More Details about APS

Post by Msigler »

Can you give more details about WoK Custom Designed APS? WoK website information is very vague. My husband and I are interested in setting up APS for our personal properties, but we need to understand more. We are already Team Law Beneficiaries and I have personally read the entire Team Law and WoK websites and much of the information in the Team Law forum. I have also bought and listened to all the tapes/DVD's from the Team Law store, Including "The Secret Trusts," and understand quite a bit, but also more confused then ever. We are ready to create Foundational Documents and set up APS for our personal properties, but are hesitant to do so without understanding more first. Is there someone we can talk to over the phone to explain these systems better? I don't know if this is the right forum, but I didn't see an obvious phone number to call. Thank you.
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Re: More Details about APS

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👋🏻 MSigler:

Please forgive us for our delay in responding to your inquiry
You wrote:Can you give more details about WoK Custom Designed APS?
The answer to your question is: “Yes, we can.”

In fact, Team Law discovered our reply to your inquiry was missing, so they addressed your inquiry in their February 21, 2024 Conference Call

The information about asset protection systems found on our home page may seem to be vague (that is indistinct), but it is certainly not ambiguous. However, the information presented there is expressed in open terms only because virtually every aspect of the asset protection systems we generate are custom designed and unique to our patron’s desires.

Thus, as you read the information presented on our website you’ll find a very specific structure is described for every asset protection system (APS) we generate; that is, they all have:
  1. a Foundational Instrument at their base; and,
  2. the remaining components of every system are custom designed in accord with the bullet pointed rules shown in the APS 101 article.
That article also shows that for the most part, in the world of APS marketing, regardless of what the marketers call it, virtually every APS is made up of trusts, partnerships and corporations.

It would be virtually impossible to describe the options that exist for any given APS without doing an interview with the patron that desires an APS. Respectively, when that interview is completed not only will you have what you need to know to order your own custom designed APS, but we will also have the information we need to send you the particular questionnaires we use to generate your system as you desire to have it designed.

The Foundational Instruments are used to preserve the natural private nature of the people regardless of any official capacity they may serve in any component of any APS we generate.

Accordingly, The Way of Kings™ custom designed APS are the only such systems available anywhere that so protect the people in the construct of the system. Your nature as a natural descendent child of God and inherent heir of Elohim are secured to you as your birth right; and, nothing (not even your possible ignorance or lack of belief) can change that.

However, through ignorance or willfulness people can preclude themselves from their natural private nature; which is another reason we build all of our APS on our Foundational Instrument.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about the Way of Kings™! :thumbsup:
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