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This forum is for general inquiries regarding the Way of Kings™ services.
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Welcome to the new Forum!

Post by Admin » Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:13 am

Welcome to the new Way of Kings™ Forum!

Our old Open Forum System crashed during an update. The crash was caused by a server error that the host failed to correct and remedy. Wherefore, said forum has been offline this whole year. After using every possible means available to us, we were unable to restore our old forum's database; and, finally, we decided we had to get a new internet host for a new forum and start it all over from scratch. Welcome to that new Forum!!!

Respectively, to participate in this forum, you will have to register on this forum. That means that regardless of whether you were registered on our old forum, if you want to participate here, you will still have to register on this forum to participate here.

Also, please realize that this forum was initiated on: November 4, 2017; and, we will be upgrading access to our Private Forums that are included here over the next few weeks. Thus, at this time you may not see those forums listed; but that is because you were not yet registered and thereafter qualified for access to any of those forums to which you would normally have access.

So, get registered and then after you login, contact Admin, via a Private Message, and Admin will adjust your access to all of the forums to which you have qualified.

Again, welcome back!!!
Way of Kings™ Admin

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